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What you'll find here

What you'll find here on my site; my comics (Dishman, Space Kid, Not That Magic), my writing (Tales From Westgate), a selection of other art I'm dabbling in and want to share.

You'll also maybe find artist highlights of fav musicians and whatever else I feel like posting.

Tales from Westgate

British Invasion

images/Stars60s/Ray%20Davies%20-%20JM.png#joomlaImage://local-images/Stars60s/Ray Davies - JM.png?width=397&height=600

Ray Davies

The Kinks

images/Stars60s/Matthew%20Fisher%20played%20organ%20on%20Whiter%20Shade%20of%20Pale-JM.png#joomlaImage://local-images/Stars60s/Matthew Fisher played organ on Whiter Shade of Pale-JM.png?width=400&height=600

Matthew Fisher

Played organ on Whiter Shade of Pale - Procol Harum

images/Stars60s/Brian%20Poole%20from%20The%20Tremeloes-JM.png#joomlaImage://local-images/Stars60s/Brian Poole from The Tremeloes-JM.png?width=400&height=600

Brian Poole

The Tremelos

images/Stars60s/Chris%20Britton%20-%20Troggs%20-%20JM.png#joomlaImage://local-images/Stars60s/Chris Britton - Troggs - JM.png?width=400&height=600

Chris Britton

The Troggs

images/Stars60s/Colin%20Blunstone%20of%20the%20Zombies%20-%20JM.png#joomlaImage://local-images/Stars60s/Colin Blunstone of the Zombies - JM.png?width=400&height=600

Colin Blunstone

The Zombies

images/Stars60s/Stevie%20Wright-EasyBeats%20JM.png#joomlaImage://local-images/Stars60s/Stevie Wright-EasyBeats JM.png?width=400&height=600

Stevie Wright

The Easy Beats

images/Stars60s/Eric%20Burdon%20-%20The%20Animals%20-JM.png#joomlaImage://local-images/Stars60s/Eric Burdon - The Animals -JM.png?width=402&height=600

Eric Burden

The Animals


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John MacLeod: cartoonist, author, artist, musicologist, life long learner. Masters Art, University of Guelph. Born in 1957 in Brandford, Ontario, fan of York, UK, residing in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. John drew his first comic book at age seven and never changed his mind about making them. 

This site is a place to share my art and misc thoughts and fav artists. It is also a work in progress. 


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"Not That Magic: Tales of Vernor Magus" (the Wizard of More Or Less)


The Mundane Adventures of Dishman was a self-published small press comics zine launched...

The Mighty Pat

My nod to the Mighty Pat Metheny

Space Kid

Welcome to the 26th century — as viewed from 1950.

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