Space Kid! by JD MacLeod

Welcome to the 26th century — as viewed from 1950.


Space Kid! was inspired by my catching sight of a graphic on a T-shirt: a retro-cartoony style drawing of a big-headed boy in a classic retro bubble-helmet spacesuit.  That drawing suddenly triggered a huge wave of flashbacks to the sci-fi junk from the 50s and 60s that I grew up on and loved.  Things like The JetsonsAdam StrangeMarine BoyMagnus: Robot Fighter, most of the Supermarionation shows, the Legion of Super-HeroesPerry Rhodan, and other Googie visions of the future that saturated the pop culture of those days, and which I found so much fun and so terribly exciting as a kid.  And more flashbacks, to things from the old days which I didn’t discover until much later, like the 50s sci-fi work of Osamu Tezuka and Cyborg 009 and Star Blazers and Dan Dare.  You will find echoes of all these [and probably lots more] in Space Kid!

Space Kid ran for 8 years and can be found at 

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